Kaleigh's Week @ Woodleaf

5/9/05 - 5/13/05

On Monday, May 9th, instead of slamming breakfast and heading off to school like we normally do, we loaded up to drop Kaleigh off so she could go to Woodleaf for a week.  Woodleaf is an outdoor education camp that most of the 6th graders in area schools attend for a week.  The students are exposed to an enormous amount of information in a weeks time.  They go birding, go on nature hikes, learn to identify different types of plants and animals, learn tips on how to survive in the wilderness, have shelter building contests, sing camp songs and learn how to protect and conserve the environment among tons of other things.  Below are some pics that Kaleigh took while at camp.  Kaleigh's never been one to like to be away from home and she made it all week without a hiccup (although, rumor has it there was gas).  I'm very proud of her.  We hope you enjoy her pictures.

(click on an image for a larger view)

Apparently, Kaleigh (the Wranglers and belt buckle give her away) was in some sort of play where she had to impersonate a bird.  I'm sorry honey but right here, you look more like a mosquito!
Fortunately, there were some real birds that Kaleigh's group got to see.  This is a Stellar Jay.  Kaleigh said it was her favorite.
We tried to let Kaleigh know we missed her.  She received letters from me (her Mom), Grandma Sherri and...what?  Dexter!?!
The Raptor Center shared several of the birds in residence.  This is a Peregrine Falcon.
There was also a pretty spectacular Bald Eagle at the Raptor Center.
Kaleigh also explained that she got to appear in some "Woodleaf video".  They wrapped this snake around her ear and it kept poking it's nose in her ear.  I asked her if it weirded her out.  She said, "YEAH!  It gave me goosebumps, too!!"
The kids were taught how to harvest water from the atmosphere by building a water collector with a piece of plastic.

Kaleigh said they could get inside this tree.

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