The $400 Wonder!!


April 9, 2007 - Ok, so...night before last, I'm sitting on the back porch on the phone and somewhere in the fringe of reality I hear Kaleigh yell "I'mgonnagorideWrecksok?!"  She often runs things together to make them all one word when she wants to do something but knows I'll say no.  Wrecks is my $400 wonder horse.  I bought him as a 4 year old in October of 2005 (see picture below).  He was a stud when I got him and had never seen a human let alone tried to get his mind around this thing you call a "halter".  Little by little we've gotten him halter broke and we can trim him now.  I'd been saddling him and ponying him when we went on trail rides.  I've been scared shitless to get on him.  He doesn't necessarily want to buck but he gets all humpy and stiff and goes kinda dull in the eyes.  I'm getting old enough now, I just can't afford to be in the dirt anymore and Kay's just not scared of anything so I haven't been letting her get on him just because...well...I like her.  This colt moves like a damn cat, too.  When he gets scared, he shoots to the side but it's not a normal "shoot to the side" like most horses do.  I honestly think he puts on some sort of invisibility cloak then translocates to a new position laterally by no less than 100 feet.  You wind up looking all around and saying "Where'd Wrecks go?" then he reappears behind you with big eyes and lookin' all skittish.'s so cool, I try to spook him now.  At any rate, I'm yakking on the phone and I hear Kaleigh clear her throat quietly and say, "Um...Mom".  I look over and Bronco Billy is sitting up in the middle of that colt....bareback....and he looks like he just took off the invisibility cloak.  I threw up a little bit in my mouth.  That was it though.  Tonight when I got home, she saddled him and saddled Marley for her friend Taylor and they went on a ride out back around the rice.  I heard what sounded like the Pony Express approaching and here they come hell bent for leather, galloping, balls out, back to the house.  I swear to God!  That kid is a hand!

October 13, 2005 - Um, I just bought this.  It's four years old.  It's a stud.  It's scared.

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