Unemployment Party

at Breaking Wind Estates


One of my best friends on the planet, Sena Minshew, just got hired on full time with PG&E.  (WAY TO GO SENA!!)  In an odd twist of logic, there had to be a 24 hour period where she was unemployed between her contract time and her full time employment.  What?!  TWENTY FOUR HOURS OF DOWNTIME?!  What shall we do?!!


Sooooooo, we all got together to celebrate Sena's unemployment.  Here are some shots of the fun!!


So, I'm getting ready to go and my 18 year old, 6'2", 210 pound son decides to be my hairdresser.  He decided I needed pigtails to accent my "Black Hog Down" T-shirt.


We decided to take Chester the goat to the party with us.  I mean, seriously, can you get any trashier than hauling a goat in the back seat of your truck.  Oh wait....apparently you can.  Tyler is demonstrating and it appears, even the goat can't believe it.


Tyler, Kaleigh, Chester and I hooked up with Kaniel in the driveway.  Tyler wanted to bring something high class so he picked up a little Miller High Life cause it said "Champagne of Beers" right on the label.  I'm pretty sure Tyler is mildly retarded.

We were treated to a veritable smorgasbord of delicacies.  Mmmmmm....Vienna weenies, spam, spam and more spam!!


Chester was the life of the party.  He started looking reeeeeeal purty by the end of the night, too.  Have I mentioned that I'm thinking Tyler might be retarded?


Kaniel and Lee treated us all to some sweet Southern rock.  Um...you think Kaniel in a mullet wig looks more like Slash or Keith Richards?


Sena's co-worker and friend (and mine too!), Jennifer with the guitar boys, Lee on the left and Kaniel on the right.


Do you think I could be held responsible for the retardation?


Uh oh!  Maybe it runs in the family!  My sister Chelle and my daughter, Kaleigh, were cast right out of the same mold.  I'm guessing God wished he'd broken that one now.


Sena's bro-in-law, Ken....er....I mean Cecil and her husband, Steve...always contemplating quantum physics.


Crazy Women +

Copious Amounts of Alcohol +

Really Bad Music from 1993 =

Gratuitous Dancing of the Macarena


She's so pretty...

And he's still retarded.


Entirely Too Much Fun!!!  Thanks Minshews!!


Go Home!!