Bi-County Track Championships

Gray Avenue School, Yuba City, CA


Kaleigh and my niece, Taylor were invited by their school to run in the Bi County Track Championships this year.  The meet started at 4 pm and didn't get over until around 9 pm.  Sutter County won the meet but the girls ran their hearts out and were good sports in the end.  I was very proud to be there with them.  GO BEAR RIVER!!!

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Kaleigh's my racehorse.  Watching me do the hurdles would be like watching my Dad cross a barbed wire fence.  Bad idea.
Kay's form is really pretty good as she clears this one.  She looks like a Grand Prix warmblood!
Special delivery!  Via Air Kaleigh!!
Taylor ran in the 1600 meter relay.  Go Taylor!  Go!

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