The Tahoe Trip

December 2004

Michelle (my sister) and her husband Mike rented a cabin in Tahoe for both of their extended families.  We all got together for the weekend to have some fun.  We went to the casinos, we took the kids skiing and snowboarding, we played in the snow, and just generally had a great time!!  Below are some pics of the trip.

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The Cabin

Here are the kids standing in front of the HUGE cabin Mike and Michelle rented for the weekend.  Justin is missing because he and his folks had already taken off to go snowmobiling with the Sheidel's.  The cabin was really close to everything except the resort we took the kids to to go skiing and snow boarding but that's ok because it allowed a drive all the way around the lake and it was BEAUTIFUL!!  The casinos were maybe two miles away as well as stores and shopping.  We really didn't need to go anywhere though.  The cabin was full of board games and videos.  It also had a hot tub and a big front yard so the kids went from making snow angels in their bathing suits to hopping in the hot tub.  Rumor has it that there was more than one little girl with a snow breast augmentation that turned into a breast reduction when they got in the hot tub.  Michelle was busy all weekend keeping our bellies full.  We had some kickass breakfast burritos on Saturday morning and Saturday night she made glazed ham and scalloped potatoes.  Oh yeah...and DAMN YOU MICHELLE FOR THE STUPID CREAMPUFFS!!!  Mmmmmmmm

Soda Springs
On Saturday morning, Mom, Michelle, Mandy and I took the kids skiing and snowboarding at Soda Springs.  Larry and Mandy paid for the kids' rentals and lessons.  I thought that was quite a Christmas gift.  Here are the boys and Mandy right outside the lodge getting ready to go inside and rent their equipment.

Tyler has a way of getting the little hotties to help him out no matter what he's doing.  Here is Tyler and his "blonde for the day" getting Ty's snowboarding gear in order.

The girls tubed for maybe a half and hour then came back to the lodge to report how boring it was so Mandy rented the them ski equipment.  The next lesson was a ways out so Michelle, Mandy and I took the girls up a little hill and went over some basics with them.  Of course they "got it" in less than 10 minutes so we decided to turn them loose.  I guess the only way to really learn this stuff is to go figure out how not to fall.  Once they came down the hill about three times they were doing pretty well.  Lyndsey looked like a bird most of the time because she'd hold her poles above her head.  Taylor looked like a bird, too....a flamingo.  That child can ski on one foot!  I don't think it was intentional most of the time though.  Here are Kaleigh and Lyndsey headed up the hill.

Michelle needed to leave earlier than the kids wanted to because she needed to get back to the cabin to start dinner.  I offered to drive her back but we took pics of the kids just before we took off.  Here are the cool skiers and snowboarders posing for their fans.

Kaleigh took to skiing about as easily as she rides a horse.  I don't know if she's just built for stuff like this or what.  She even looked good doing it.  Here are the ski bunnies getting ready to go on another run.

Talk about studly!!  Check out the snow boarders!!  Funny thing is, that night when they got back to the cabin, Ty's knees were the size of cantaloupes.  Ouch!!

Snow Park

On Sunday, Kaleigh asked if Taylor and Lyndsey could come home with us so they could go to the snow park with us.  I said I didn't mind and we took off from the cabin around 10 am.  We got to this snow area near the Carson City turnoff and the kids got out to play.  I got em stopped long enough to grab this pic.

OH NOOOOOO!!!   Lyndsey's gonna fall!!!!!

Here are some random shots of the kids coming down the hill.  Mom and Dad wandered in after the kids had been playing for about a half hour.  The kids hid behind a tree when we got ready to go and fired snowballs at Grandma's truck.  I can still hear them giggling!!  It was a riot!  We all stopped at Tahoe Joe's in Roseville on the way home.

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