June 5, 2010

Well, these cow working days are usually incredibly fun but I started the day a little shaky.  Today is the one year anniversary of laying my brother to rest.  I speculated earlier in the week how I'd feel this morning.  As soon as I laid eyes on my folks, I came apart at the seams.  Mom got me patched up quick enough though and it was time to go to work. 

We finally got rolling a little after 8 and headed down the road to gather and drive to cattle back to Mom and Dad's.  It was kinda fun getting going.  Kaleigh had brought a couple horses and Emily didn't show so I got to ride Red.  It had been sooooo long since I'd sat on that horse that I broke sooooo many years ago.  It was a very nice start to the day.

Here are some shots of the rest of it...

Let's rhyme...

Bear in a chair.
Bee in a tree.
Moose on the loose.
Demaine in the lane.

Devra and her boyfriend, Jared, team up to drench one of our first volunteers with wormer.  Darla's back there...um...Darla?  What are you doing?

One of these days Owen will be tall enough to give shots alllll by himself.

Kaleigh sporting the newest in B.A.M.F. accessories....the hotshot.

Taylor in the lineup of "vaccine administration technicians".

Long story but this is Meeka.  Her family has been here from South Africa for 4 years.  She wants to be a vet someday so I invited her along to help out.  I did ask her mom prior to the invitation if she had a problem watching people imbibe in large quantities of alcohol.  Considering she's here with my crew, you know what the answer was.

Amy keeps track of numbers for me and Dev is "fully loaded".

Jenny D never misses an opportunity to practice her pole dancing.

Lauren watching from a "safe spot".  It was her job to brighten everyone's day just by being here.

All done!  Kaleigh and Devra on horseback working the cattle across the bull pasture...

And up on the gravel road headed back to McAdams.

Ed says his job was splitting off the calves...waitaminnit!! there are NO CALVES!!


A well deserved break for our two "regulars".  Thank you Sena and Jenny D for always saying yes when I ask if you are coming to help!!

I regret I don't have pics of everyone that helped.  I'm usually pretty good about taking pics but the last year has been busy and difficult.  I PROMISE to do a better job from now on!!


Thank you to all our "cowboys"!!


Jenny D



















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