Spring Cow Work


Meet the gather crew of our 2006 spring gather to vaccinate cattle.  Yup, that's right!!...allll chicks (including the dog and the horse).  From left to right we have Shotgun Shorty...redhead of the roundup, Squeeze Chute Sena...fastest eartag washer in the West, Deadeye Dot...heel bitingest cowdog EVER,  Cattleguard Kaleigh...narrow as a rail but meaner than any Brangus bull we've got, Magical Marley...moving bulls out of mudbogs anywhere, and last but not least, Drag Dust Devra...nothing mechanical gets in her way!!  The rest of the crew (Michelle, Owie, Dad, Lori and Taylor) was already at the corral setting up.  Mom and Lyn stayed at the house to prepare a big, fat tri-tip lunch for us.  Here are some more pics from the day.

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Always smiling...always there...my best friends!!  Thanks for the help girls!!
Kaleigh, Marley and Dot wouldn't miss a round up for the world.  Good thing they were here, too.  We lost a group of cattle across a creek.  Horses can sometimes go where quad runners fail to venture.
After Devra got the "quick and dirty" on how to ride a quad, she was alllll business.
Easy ladies...no hurry.
Kaleigh, Dot and Mar ridin' drag.
Setting up for the arrival of the cattle.
The heat is on.....the...heat...is...ON!
Michelle?  Did your doctor say it's ok to brand cattle when you are 8 1/2 months pregnant?
Waitaminit....who's pregnant?  Must be a family trait.

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