Awww Shoot!!

February 2005

Every once in a while, a bunch of us will get together to throw some lead.  This was a rainy Sunday afternoon at my house.  I'm happy to announce that the following weekend, Steve, Sena, Ken and Shorty all qualified for their concealed weapons permits.  Lookout now!!  We're ALL packin'!!

(click on an image for a larger view)

It was pouring rain off and on so Sena and Shorty ran home and got the pop up shelter.  The shelter coupled with a tailgate, a couple lawn chairs, Ed's smudgepot and a thermos of coffee (and some other stuff ifyouknowwhadimean) made for a FUN afternoon.

Here's Steve killing the bad, bad home invasion guy with his Springfield .45.
Ed took a few shots at the guy with his Kimber competition .45 as well.


Here's the skeet lineup with Steve running the thrower and Tyler, Grant and Sena behind the guns.

I see Paris...I see France...I see Q-Boski's underpants!!

It doesn't matter to Sue if the birds are live or clay.  She still watches em!!

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