March 15, 2008

We wintered the cattle in Smartsville again this year and had more trouble than ever.  The cattle were out more than they were in due to vandalism (cut fences).  I'd guess that Dad has been up there on the average of at least once a day for the last two months.  The last incident was a citation from Yuba County Animal Control because one of the ol' girls made it clear down to the highway.  Immediately after the citation, Dad threw his hands up and decided it was time to bring them down the hill.  Michelle and I rallied our trusty "All Girls Cow Moving Crew" and headed for the hills.  Dad and Ed get a little credit...they helped, too.  Here are some shots of the day...

All the "horses" lined up and ready to roll.

Ed checking a brush line for mavericks.

Git 'em Sena!!

Sena easing up on a good portion of the herd.

A good 90% of the herd corralled and ready to go.

New quad...fancy rims...a beer and a cigarette...
Jennifer can't get any cooler.

Amazon + Beer + Quad = Quad Surfin'?

Sena and Megan
(Free Willie in the background)

Jennifer, Kaleigh, Michelle and Sena
(No pics of Trish and Jade but they were a lot of help)

Thank you again ladies (and gents) for all the help.
You all sure make things easier for my family!!

Go Home!!