K Falls Striper Invasion
April 19 - 21, 2008

Sooooo, on Saturday, I start getting text messages from some guy that Rob knows.  I'd heard stories about this guy, called "Schumann", from Rob and Tucker before.  He's a mystical creature that is rarely spoken of for fear he may show up and drink your beer...kinda like Sasquatch only smaller.  After the first two or three text messages, I realize why he and Rob are friends ifyouknowwhatimean.  He says that he and some friends are on the Sacramento River and want to know where the "big stripers" are.  Tyler and I were out of town but came home early on Sunday and headed to the river to try and get a sturgeon landed.  Schumann texts me again and asks if Ty and I would like to ride along with he and three of his buddies in the boat.  We agree and Schumann pulls up not a half hour later in the incredible boat pictured above.  We fished with Jeff (Schumann), Jim, Bob, and Jerry all afternoon.  We learned how to bow to better fisherman from afar, I learned that boys pee (alot), I learned how to fish with live minnows (they let me reel a striper in), I learned to take a lot of smack from Schumann on my "gay lure", and I learned from a trusted source that Schumann is, in fact, a beer filter.  Jeff was kind enough to invite us back to go out again on Monday morning but I was so hung over, it was safer for all involved for me to go to work.  Ty went out though and caught his striper that day.  We had an incredible time!!  Thanks Jeff!!

"The guys" (from left to right) Bob, Jim, Jeff (our Capn'), and Jerry.  Rumor has it that one of these fellas is a transvestite but I never saw the purple thong so I can not substantiate the rumor.

Tyler and the striper he caught on Monday.  Note to self...never let Tyler take your ice chest when he goes fishing without you.  It comes back with fish guts on top and your sodas smell like...well...you know.

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