Lower Rock Lake
Tahoe National Forest
Sierra Nevada Mountains
Elevation 6,600'

7/19/08 - 7/20/08

Michelle called earlier this week saying we needed to do at least ONE pack trip this season.  I was on board and we headed for Rock Lake which is one of our very favorite spots on the planet.  Michelle, Kaleigh, me and Sherri and Alicia Sheidel packed up and headed for the hills.

Five girls, two trucks, two trailers, seven horses and one huge, floppy eared mule ready to go.  We had to stop here though cause (and Kaleigh I'm Kaleigh not Kaleigh naming Kaleigh names) somebody HAD to have a donut!!!

Parked, unloaded, saddling, weighing gear and loading pack horses.  This is the "not as fun" part of all these trips. 

All of a sudden, the trip is getting easier!!  Ahhhhhhhh!!!!  Green beer!!

Chelle and Katie (with Opie in tow) following me up the trail.

Wow!  Good thing they marked the trail with a sign that says "Trail" so we didn't get lost.

Chelle, Katie and Opie in just one of dozens of GORGEOUS meadows lined with yellow or purple or white or orange wildflowers.

Sherri and Alicia catching some rays and fishing for rainbows.  I managed to catch one nice one but let him go under the loud opposition from my younger sibling.

I swear to God, I think Kaleigh rode everything in camp...twice.  She rode horses, she rode the mule, she rode with a saddle, she rode bareback, she rode with bridles or halters, she rode with a string around their necks, she rode frontward she rode backward.  She made me tired.

So, here was the surprise of the trip.  Michelle's husband Mike called me on Friday and asked me what horses we were taking on this trip.  I thought it was odd that he wasn't asking his wife so I said "why?".  He said he was toying with the idea of riding in on Saturday night to surprise Michelle.  I said, "riiiiiiiight".  He said he didn't know where he was trying to get to so he'd already mentioned it to Ed who had moved cattle through this area with a friend the year before.  Of course, when he mentioned it to Ed, Ed said, "riiiiiight".  Mike's not to hip on the horse thing so hearing him say he was going to ride in just sounded....well.....crazy.  At any rate, we took all the good saddle horses so  Mike convinced Ed to go with him and they hiked in.  They wandered into camp right at dusk.  Michelle had just layed down and I saw them coming and said, "Michelle!  There's two guys walking into camp!"  She sat up and said, "Let 'em come, I got the .44 right here.".  YIKES!  When she finally realized it was Mike coming in, she got all wide eyed and said, "You've GOT to be shitting me!!"  Way to go Mike!!


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