Lower Rock Lake
Tahoe National Forest
Sierra Nevada Mountains
Elevation 6,600'

6/30/07 - 7/1/07

So, after learning a few things from Gary VanDyke at his home last Monday, we decided to put our new found knowledge to work for us.  We decided to do a one night pack trip up to Lower Rock Lake in the Sierra Nevadas.  We left Saturday morning, found a good parking spot for the trucks and trailers, put packs on Opie and Wrecks, saddled Katie, Elmer and Marley and took off.  We landed at Lower Rock Lake at about 2:30 in the afternoon and set about learning how to properly rig up a high line.  The were several highlights of the trip for me, aside from the unbelievable scenery.  The lake was actually ALIVE with fish.  At one point, Michelle showed up back in camp and actually pulled a little trout out of the pocket on her hooded sweatshirt....EW!!  Sometime in the middle of the night we learned that it's probably not best to pitch a tent right in the path of animals that want a drink including deer and bear.  We also learned that it's best not to tie Katie and Wrecks too close to each other.  Katie landed a double donkey kick to Wreck's ribs so hard that he got to walk out sans pack saddle.  Absolutely BEAUTIFUL trip!!  We didn't want to come home.


WHAT NOW!!?  Uh huh!!  Ronda <-- doing the dance.  This is a shot of  Kaleigh's near perfect diamond hitch.  Gary (our teacher and the inventor of packing) said he couldn't even call her a "junior packer" and now she's proving it.

Kaleigh on Marley with her trusty pack horse, Wrecks, in tow.

Ahhhhh!!  Sierra Nevada in the Sierra Nevadas.

Dear God...thank you for all of it!

Bridge crossing at Texas Creek.

Wow!  Opie reads maps!

The pack string on high lines.

Grazing the mares.

Hey God...did I say thank you?

Um...is that a fish in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

The camp doe gave Kaleigh lots of opportunity to practice her stalking skills.

Not only does Opie read maps, he cooks, too!!

Apparently, they serve breakfast burritos in heaven.

Marley and Kaleigh lead the way home.

Navigating a rocky trail.

Coming through the trees.

Under the "lightning tree".

Almost back to the truck at the Loney Meadow Trailhead sign.


Go Home!!