Deer/Elk Hunting - Granite Oregon

September 2006

This message left from one hunter to another shows the vast communicative powers of men with bows and arrows.

veg-e-tar-i-an  [vej-i-tair-ee-uhn]


1.  An old Indian word meaning "bad hunter".


I know!  I know!  I never dreamed it either but suddenly I'm a vegetarian.  I once again got the opportunity to hunt deer in Granite Oregon.  This was the second of what I hope becomes the annual trek to the North.  Larry and Dad went opening weekend and I had to stay back to help Mom with the cattle.  I'm not real hip on hunting alone so I was scrambling to find someone to go with me a little later in the season.  As it turns out, a friend of mine from down near Fresno, Steve Koch, is also a bow hunter.  When I told him about Granite and asked him if he'd like to go, he asked where to sign up.  He got an elk tag and we packed up on September 13th at 5 in the morning and headed North.  I guess you could call the trip unsuccessful because neither one of us filled our tags but DAMN! we had fun.  

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This is the entrance to the small town of Granite where we stay.  The archway over the entrance is a pretty cool metal cutout.
The Outback is a small store and restaurant.  It's nice to come down the hill and eat warm food, have a cup of coffee and swap "You shoulda seen the bull I saw" stories there.
The Lodge at Granite is where we stay.  Pat has coffee and muffins ready for all the hunters at 4 am.  It's great to be able to take a warm shower and sleep in a warm bed after you've been chasing deer and elk all day.
What is it with this guy and the maps?  We had four of these freebies and he purchased two more before we left.  Well, at least we didn't get lost.
A very dark self portrait of a hunting Amazon ....sitting ....waiting ...FREEZING!!!
This is the gate I call "Larry's Gate".  It's the road we hike in on to get to "Ronda's Log", "Larry's Tree", "The Three Way", "The Place Where We Found Ronda's Buck" and "The Big Meadow"....all extremely well know locations in the area.  Steve and I were pretty surprised to be bow hunting in the snow.
I had hiked up to "Ronda's Log" to sit for a couple hours and Steve had hiked up a road to the North to see if he could come around the back side of the mountain, past "Larry's Tree" and back to where I was from the East.  He stepped on a log that was covered in snow that ejected him quite readily.  He piled it up and when he got gathered back up, his quiver was shot.  Duct tape is one of the most essential items in your day pack.
On Saturday, we decided to make the 20 plus mile drive to Desolation and see what the hunting was like over there.  We happened upon the lookout tower at the top of the mountain.  It was SO COLD up there!!  The tower was pretty cool (literally) and Steve took the time to chat with the girl that's been living up there for three weeks.  She looked very, very lonely.
The view from the Desolation Butte Lookout Tower later in the day.  BEAUTIFUL!!!
In our miles and miles and MILES in the truck on Desolation Day, we happened upon this old house down in a meadow.  It was really cool.  All the logs for the sides and floors looked to be hand cut and the gaps were filled with mud.  Upstairs, there were still the remnants of an old bed.

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