Quad Ride'n in LaPorte


On Monday, September 5, 2005, a bunch of us loaded up and headed up near LaPorte to go quad riding.  We had a BLAST!!  Ed, Tyler, Kaleigh, Sena, Brad and Jed and I (and Sue and Dexter) saddled up for a great but dusty tour in some beautiful country.

Ed had one quad in the back of his truck and four more on his trailer.  I had my quad in my truck and Sena hauled hers up there.

Cool trucks and a hot chick!

We ran across some amazing sights!  Here are some shots of the dam with water being released from below through a pipe, an old wooden bridge and the little isolated lake the kids got to play in.

Good friends, goofy kids and motorized toys make for a great day.

Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump Around!

Some post dust ingestion refreshment.

(click the arrows on the gallery below to see how Ed gets all those quads loaded)


Allllll Aboooaaarrrrddddd!!!


Go Home!!