The Great Power Outage of '08

January 2008

Not real fond of PG&E right now.  I know...I know... we're not a real high priority based on the fact that we live a ways out on a dead end road but DANG!  The power went out on Friday and they are projecting it won't be back on until Wednesday.  My co-workers are already steering clear of my office and my hair is "poseable".  Can you imagine how bad I'm gonna need to shave my legs by Wednesday?  I swear...I'm gonna braid my leg hair and put beads on the ends of the braids.  Here are some pics of the fun so far...

1/4/08 - The power went off at 6 am while I was in the shower.  Kaleigh thought it was funny that I was showering in the dark so she snapped this picture of me getting out.  Look how embarrassed I look!

1/5/08 - It rained like a mother today but Kaleigh, Michelle and I went to Plymouth to pick up our "free horse".  Once it got dark, we got bored.  Kaleigh decided to try to stack all 6 of our dogs one on top of the other.  I snapped this pic just before they tumbled like a house of cards.

1/6/08 - Mom and I took the opportunity to go to the laundromat today because we are getting word that we may not have power for two more days.  Again, when it gets dark, we get bored and have to try and find things to do.  I grabbed this pic of Tyler balancing the television set on his head while juggling oranges.  I laughed so hard when he said, "Brings a whole new meaning to "watching tv", huh?!"  Ha!

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