George Jones - "The Possum"

On the evening of September 6, 2006, I had a PartyLite party with the ever gracious, always endearing Sena Minshew consulting.  After the party was over and "the girls" were just sitting around chatting, Sena told us all about a baby opossum that had wandered up onto their porch outside their slider and literally knocked on the window.  Steve and Sena figured that the little fellow's mother had been smatted by a car and there was strong suspicion that his brother had been murdered in cold blood by Shorty's dog Chunk.  Being the animal lovers that the Minshew's are, Steve went out and corralled the little possum in a cat carrier.  During the telling of this story, my big ass chimes in with "Why don't you let your favorite kicker chick take care of it!!"  Hello?  Ronda?  Is your freaking inner dialog broken again?!!  Sena said she'd been thinking the exact same thing!!  (Go figure)  She made a phone call, Steve brought the little possum over and Kaleigh went to work.  The next few weeks was a true learning experience.  Kaleigh and I now know more about possums than I ever thought possible!

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The day George Jones (The Possum) came to live with us for a while.  You can't see it here but Kaleigh is wearing her brother's welding gloves and you can tell George is less than thrilled at the attention.

After talking with a wonderful woman at an opossum rescue, Kaleigh found out she could handle George better without the gloves.  Tyler gave her a fanny pack that she lined with a sock hat and George was an instant pocket possum.

A close-up of the "pocket possum".

Independence day for one George Jones.

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Harsh reality sets in.

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