So, on Saturday, the 17th, I went and picked up Pee Wee.  He's my new horse.  He came with the name and although it has nothing to do with Pee Wee Herman, it seemed fitting that a horse I owned had a name in common with one of my favorite characters on t.v. so it stuck.

I got Pee Wee from Peggy and Sam Lopez up in Loma Rica.  He's a three year old colt that hasn't been started yet.  It was a long leap for me to commit to buying a thoroughbred but I'm glad now that I did it.  He's got a great mind, he's willing to try whatever we ask him to do and...he's downright funny!

Pee Wee's no castoff either.  His pedigree shows he's descended from race track greats like Bold Ruler, Northern Dancer, Native Dancer and the immortal Secretariat!!  Pedigree aside, he's a great guy.  Thank you Peggy and Sam!!

Kaleigh convincing Pee Wee that his first time with the saddle "ain't no big thang".

Apparently, a saddle and rider ain't all that scary.

What a great guy!!




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