Sutter North Medical Foundation's

2005 Christmas Party



"Princess"?  Uh...yeah...right!!  "Princess" is definitely not a word that's ever been used to refer to me.  Well, I (Me! Me! Pick Me!) got to be the princess on the night of my company's Christmas party.

The fact that I got all "purtied up" seems kinda funny to me, too because not an hour and a half prior to going to the party, Grant and I were covered in cow manure and blood.  We'd brought one of Dad's pairs down from Bangor.  The happy mother/son pair were total nut jobs, too.  When Grant stepped up to the trailer to look at them, the cow went from 0 to bitch in less that a nanosecond.  It took us an hour to do what should have taken less than a half an hour.  The cow was looking for someone to eat when she got off the trailer and the calf wound up jumping a gate and sticking his leg through it.  He hung there bawling for what seemed like forever.  I just KNEW his leg was going to break.  He managed to get off the gate then, just like his sweet mother, go looking for someone's shorts to steam.  I gotta admit, it didn't hurt my feelings to lay an iron on either one of them.

At any rate, we got the kids over to my Mom's and Grant was kind enough to hose the trailer out for me.  That seemed odd to me, too.  I've always just done everything myself and having him help me out was so nice.  We went back to my house to get ready.  Grant looked sooooo nice in his Wranglers and clean white shirt.  I wore the only dress I own and a jacket.  We were stylin'.

We got to the fairgrounds where the party was right at 6:00 pm.  I assumed I would be teased horribly by my co-workers for the whole dress thing.  I seriously haven't worn a dress since I interviewed for my job at Sutter North and that was nearly 5 years ago now.  Everyone was kind enough to rein it in so I only got a couple raised eyebrows and one or two "Wow, you're wearing a dress" comments.  Deni even complimented my legs!!  Dinner was pretty good.  Grant and I had the prime rib and the caterers did a pretty decent job on it and the Red Truck cab complimented it just fine.

After dinner, the DJ started the dance music and that's when all hell broke loose.  Grant looks at me and asks "You wanna dance?".  I did my typical stuttering " don't really dance so much....see....I usually....".  That's when he says "I'm a real strong leader.  You'll be fine.  Trust me!"  Then he took my hand and headed for the dance floor.  Now let me tell you something....Grant's no little guy.  I don't believe my feet touched the ground from our table to the dance floor.  I felt like a cartoon character trailing along behind him, something akin to a ribbon in the wind.  Panic set in for me.  I'd attempted to swing with Robert Love back when he was still shoeing for us and almost killed him.  Fortunately, he didn't press charges.  I'd pretty much sworn off dancing at that point.  Once we got to the dance floor though, Grant just took over and everything was ok.  He had me spinning and turning and was holding me and I was laughing and it was FUN!!  IT WAS SOOOO MUCH FUN!!  We came off the floor when the song was over and I was so darned know...roller coaster happy....white water rafting diving happy!!  What a kick in the pants!  The topper was that I had 5 (count 'em...FIVE) people come up to me that evening and say "I didn't know you knew how to dance" which was much better than the "I didn't know you owned a dress" that I expected.  I kept saying "I don't" and pointing to Grant then saying "But damn!, he does".

After the party, we hooked up with Steve and Sena at Tracy's new apartment and wound up going to Stassi's then Field and Stream.  We didn't stay at Stassi's long because the crowd there looked like they wanted us all dead.  Grant said he didn't want to find out how many of them he and Steve could take.  I guess we did look a little out of place.  Me, in a dress, with the big cowboy and Sena with Steve (as tall as he is wide) wearing his Bicardi Limon beanie.  I said he looked like a sailor.  Don't tell the Marine I said he looked like a sailor.  He'd hate that.  Besides, if he was a sailor, we'd have to call him Seaman Steve and I don't think he'd like that either.  We had a beer at Field and Stream and stayed until the karaoke made our ears bleed.  At some point, little, old George wandered through with his beer flat full of corsages and Grant bought me one.  That one's gonna go in the scrap book.  What a fun night I had!!

Thanks Grant!!!

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