Horse Packing

Well, Michelle (my sister) and Kaleigh (my daughter) and I have decided that we are going to pack into the Eagle Cap Wilderness in Oregon this year to hunt elk.  It's kind of odd that it's taken us this long to do this really.  Michelle and I both started hunting when we were about 12 years old and Kaleigh has just started to get serious about it in the last year.  Michelle and I both have lengthy histories with horses and Kaleigh eats, sleeps and drinks anything horse and has since she was old enough to walk.  Why haven't you done it before you ask?  The problem has always been that we never had the knowledge, let alone the money or time to invest in learning how to horse pack properly.  That combined with the fact that Michelle and I were typically mounted on something that we rescued out of the Roseville Auction but that you couldn't count on to get you to Grandma's house let alone pack your sorry ass along with all your gear up to some 10,000 feet.  Well...THIS IS THE YEAR BY GOD!  I expanded this portion of my page in an effort to chronicle all the trials and tribulations of learning to pack.  Check us out!!
**Thank you Gary VanDyke and Ben DuBose for information that's kept us alive so far**

**Thank you Bub Sullivan for fixing stuff every week so we can use it again!!**
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