Owen's Here!!

February 15, 2005

9 lbs. 3 oz.
21 inches

Mom and Dad moments after Owen Lee Fales entered the world.  2/05

This is what VERY proud cousins look like.  2/05

Our Shorty and baby Owen.  I went to hand Owen to her and she started hopping up and down like a very happy little bird and burst into tears.  Shorty?  Tears?  Nah!  That NEVER happens.  =-)  2/05

Auntie Sena and baby Owen.  Poor Sena got the football pass.  The nurses were there to confiscate the little feller and Sena got a "grab and kiss" in quick before he was whisked away.  2/05

WARNING!  Little boys are always little boys no matter how big they get.  It's ok...I love him!!  2/05

Check him out!  Owen sleeps just like Aunt Ronda!  3/05

Um...who told this kid he was big enough to act like a 4 year old?  3/05

Owen's pony..er...O.P...er....Opie? was born March 19, 2005.  I think he and Owen will get along fine!!  3/05

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