(Yeah...those are PostIt Notes)

This year I celebrated my 40th birthday.  I knew they'd get me but....this?!  It honestly took me the better part of a week to get a good portion of these down.  I'm still finding them hidden in the strangest places and it's April now.

The evil hatcher of this scheme was none other than the sweetest person on the planet (or so I thought), my Aunt Lori.  Lori is only 18 months older than me and, I have to admit, she owes me like a dozen of these.  I recall painting a giant blaze orange number 30 on the rear ends of about 30 head of horses at the stables when she turned 30.  When she turned 40, we decorated her horse for a trail ride with a bunch of number 40s and some arrows pointing to her in the saddle.  And of course, there's the annual fun with the spatula.  She had help though!  My "good friends" at the office helped along with Shorty and Sena who lured me out of the office with the promise of red wine.

Why! Why do I have to be such a sucker for red wine??!

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