The First Annual
Gary VanDyke
Invitational Pack Clinic


Michelle, Kaleigh and I have a hunt trip planned for this September.  We plan to pack 12 miles into the Eagle Cap Wilderness in Oregon.  The problem with that is, none of the three of us knows diddly about packing in anywhere.  Michelle's been fortunate enough to hook up with Mr. Gary VanDyke, a gentleman who's kind nature allowed us to lure him into sharing a ton of knowledge with us.  We learned more in a few hours than a weeks worth of browsing on the Internet would have done for us.  I think my favorite phrase of the evening was when we got concerned about getting too late but wanting to tie the diamond hitch "one more time" and Gary said, "That's why you came early and brought lots of beer!"  Gary...thank you so much for your time!!!  Oh yeah...thank you too Jackson!!


Gary and Jackson imparting their knowledge on Michelle.

Jackson, our model, was all too thrilled to help out.

Kaleigh wrappin' up a manty like it's Christmas.

Learnin' the dreaded diamond.





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