Klamath Falls, OR/Tule Lake, CA

November 2006

What a fun trip!!  Tyler and Kaleigh and I just got back from visiting Rob Long and his girls (Emily and Sarah) in Klamath Falls, Oregon.  Here are some highlights of the trip.

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The weekend started with a continental shoot at Winema Lodge in Tulelake on the California side of the border.  A continental shoot is where the shooters set up in a valley and the birds are released from a ridge above them.  Rob was going to help his friends at the lodge by helping out with the bird release and invited us along.  This particular shoot is a Shriners fund raiser.
After the Shriners left, the work began!  There were a total of six of us chukar chuckers moving cages, cutting zip ties, releasing birds and getting our asses shot at.  Tyler was kind enough to show us all right where one of the bbs hit him on his left butt cheek with the collective response being "I DID NOT NEED TO SEE THAT!!"  We released a total of 300 pheasants and 100 chukars....um...
Ok...99 chukars.  This is Chuckie the Chukar.  Kaleigh stuffed him down in her coat and he stowed away on the trip home.  He's now living the life of Riley in our garage in a rabbit cage.  Lucky chukar!!
Tyler spent the night at the lodge with Ethan so we went to pick him up on Sunday.  We hunted the top of the hill behind the lodge and Rob got Kaleigh close enough for her to shoot her first bird.  When asked about shooting Chuckie's sibling, Kaleigh said "It was his sister...he didn't like her anyways".  After lunch we headed out to Lava Beds National Monument for an abbreviated tour then off to a dirt road so the girls could ride the quad.  These are truly the three prettiest women on the planet!!
We wound up at an old homestead called Laird's Cow Camp.  It was so much fun exploring all of the old stuff with the kids.  The house is still standing along with some other outbuildings and fences.
The girls climbed up into the top of the old horse barn.  Um...Bubba chose not to because it didn't appear the ladder would hold him.  These ladies need to do a Gap commercial!!
Tyler found one of a handful of old Olympia beer cans (the kind with the pop tops).  Um...Ty...there's nothing left in there buddy.  Just prior to this incident was one of the funniest things I've ever seen.  Tyler was walking on top of an old 55 gallon drum.  He lost his balance, one foot went forward and the other one went backward.  The barrel rolled forward, his feet flew up and he landed flat on his back.  I was laughing so hard I went to my knees and was crying.  Check out the dirt on his shoulder.
I begin to think that Tyler was put on this planet for the sole enjoyment of the people around him.  Here he is impersonating a human hamster in the human hamster wheel.
On Monday, we drove around the roads on the backside of Rob's place.  The girls rode the quad again.  They were lucky.  Rob and I were trapped inside the truck while Tyler serenaded us with made up songs about things better left unspoken.  Rob cut sections out of a couple trees that beavers had knocked over so the girls could take them to school.
Rob and the kids at the "beaver tree" location.
We really had a wonderful time and the area was SO beautiful.  It truly is God's country!

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