The First Annual
Mescher Winona Invitational
Team Roping
April 27, 2008



What an INCREDIBLE day!!  Kaleigh won her first big team roping today.  She was one of only two ropers under the age of 18 and one of three girl ropers.  They had invited 17 headers and 17 heelers.  Each header had to rope with all of the heelers and each heeler had to rope with all of the headers so there were 17 "go rounds".  I didn't get there until the 8th go.  Ed pulled me aside and said "Don't tell her but, she's leading this thing".  I kept thinking, "Yeah, well, it's only the 8th go and a lot can happen in nine more rounds".  She held on and roped solid all day though.  By the 17th go, she wouldn't have even had to rope her last steer to win the darned thing.  When they announced her name as the winner, she looked perplexed then elated.  She had no clue she was winning.  I gotta tell you though, even though Kaleigh was very excited about winning, I was more amazed by the attitudes of the seasoned ropers that have held her hand through her learning process.  Those of us closest to her were in tears.  Ed and Donnie and I were big girly cry babies.  Tyler gave her a hug and told her "Good job Kay!"  Cindy and the boys were there cheering for her.  And her weekly team roping partners and buddies were giving her hugs and patting Ed and I on the back.  I walked up to thank Danny Mescher for the day and he replied, "Oh, you're welcome but don't think anyone handed that to her.  She ropes tough!"

So, let me say it like Tyler did...GOOD JOB KAY!!
You are a super tough, incredibly talented lady!!
May you have many more days like this one!!


"You think you can catch him Kay?!"

Kaleigh gives us an answer with only a look as she enters the box.


Nod and go!!

Kaleigh and Marley leave the box on their way to another successful run.


Where do you think you're going?

Kaleigh puts the smack down on another steer.


Partners in crime!

Kaleigh and Marley workin' the top side for Kay's friend Jason.


Lookin' for a heel shot!

Kaleigh's Dad, Ed and his horse Red.


Just a swingin'!

Ed and Red coming around the corner.


We mean business!!

Kaleigh's "Uncle Donnie" and his horse, Dollar lookin' to "git some".



Stickin' it on 'em!

Kaleigh's friend and "team roping partner in crime", Ozzy, and his horse Will.


How's it feel to miss?

Kaleigh's friend Clay and his horse Goose.  Clay came back to win the heeling buckle.

I want to thank Barry Roper for spending his entire day at the roping behind a camera.
Because of him, I'm able to share these great shots of the day.


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