Hurricane Kat - 2005

So, Linda, home of meth labs and rif raf was hit by a small hurricane the last few weeks.  Ok, so it wasn't a hurricane, it was more like THREE SOLID WEEKS OF FLIPPING RAIN!!  I decided to call it "Hurricane Kat" cause it wasn't as big as was like a little Katrina...thus "Kat".  Besides, the Minshew Compound is home to so many kitties, "Kat" seemed appropriate.  At any rate, Steve and Sena's place was hit pretty hard.  Some of the following pictures are pretty graphic but I thought they needed to be shown so maybe the President could declare their home a disaster area and give them some money.

The devastation was horrible!!  Here you can see that the wheels on Steve and Sena's camp trailer got wet.

Steve was able to use a kayak to ferry himself to safety.

The poor white trash sure rises to the surface in a time of catastrophe.  This man was seen flashing gang signs and flipping off passing motorists.

The looters were everywhere.  The funny things a house full of guns, high dollar bikes and motorcycles....this idiot takes a CRT.

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