Horse Camping - August 2006

Russian Gulch State Park

Ft. Bragg, California

WHAT A FANTASTIC TIME!!!  Michelle outdid herself again when she chose Russian Gulch State park as the destination of choice for our second annual horse camping trip.  We changed things up a bit this year.  We decided we'd let the boys in on our trip and invited Ed, Tyler, Terry and Sandy's husband Barney along for the frivolity.  We converged upon Ed's house on Friday morning, dialed the radios into the same band and headed West in a convoy of horse trailers burning up the highway at a blazing 50 miles per hour.  Uh huh....that's slower than Winnebago speeds baby!!  We arrived in Fort Bragg in the early afternoon and made three trips to the main gate at the state park to find the horse campground and get the combination to the lock.  Once we were in the campground though, it took no time at all to set up camp.  Check out some more pics from the trip below.

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Camp Sweet Camp
To The Beach!!
The Head Waters at Russian Gulch
McKerracher Beach

Heading Home!!


Go Home!!