Friends With Furniture

This is it!!!  The friends with furniture page!!  I've wanted to do this for soooo long.

I live in an area where it's quite popular to bring old furniture and appliances right into my neighborhood and toss it off in the ditch.  That's right.  Just bring it on over to my neck of the woods.  We LOVE having your broken down refrigerator, your skanky sofa, your three legged kitchen table and chunks of pee stained carpet as eye candy on our way home.  I decided to utilize the kind contributions by having my friends pose with it.  If you come across some interesting items in your neighborhood, feel free to snag a friend and snap a shot then shoot it my way.  I'll throw it up here for the whole world to enjoy!!

(click on an image for a larger view)

Jeremy just can't relax too long when there's bed surfing to do!!

Jeremy, Kaleigh and Justin found this AWESOME double recliner on the gravel road near the college.  Kay grabbed a pic then they chained up the box spring that was behind it and hit the road.  6/11 

These kids' future is so bright....they gotta wear shades!!

Owen and Lauren found a tanning bed?  Yes!  A tanning bed! on Powerline Road near Nicolaus.  11/10

Owen and Lauren never pass up an opportunity to learn something!  I guess with no computer attached, this monitor can't help.  11/10


Kaleigh, Dexter and Gus takin' a break on the way home from the Nicolaus Labor Day Parade.   9/09

"Helloooooo Mother Nature!!  Where can I install this hot water heater for you?"

Ed with a wayward appliance off Highway 36 just outside of Red Bluff.  4/07

Q:  Where can you find the coldest beer in Linda, Ca?

A:  In a fridge at the corner of Erle and Griffith.....DUH!  12/06

Drinkin' a Sierra...watchin' the game.  9/06

Oooooo!  What Friends With Furniture page would be complete without an Olivehurst photo op?  Sena found a fridge on the Olivehurst offramp.  To be honest, I'm surprised she didn't get mugged or propositioned while taking this one.  She's HOT!!  6/06

**Insert corny English accent here**  Nothing like libation by the water old chap!  Jocularity!  Jocularity!!

All of us drove past this stupid barstool over and over and we all threatened to get a fwf pic.  Steve and Sena beat everyone else to it.  Great job!!  12/05

Seems like we are finding alot of furniture dumped after dark lately...hmmm...I wonder why?  We found this console television in the ditch along Virginia Road not far from the dairy.  Kaleigh decided to take in a little late night t.v. with her cousins Justin, Taylor and Lyndsey.

How convenient!  You can dry your clothes on the corner of Virginia and Ostrom!!  9/05

Kaleigh catchin' some rays on 40 Mile Road just a teeny bit North of Highway 65.  I think that broken Adirondack chair pinched her butt when she stood up.  9/05

Ahhhhh....just to sit and watch some t.v. after a hard day at school.  Who knew you could do it in the middle of no where on Rancho Road?  8/05

Hey!  Check out these trailer park beauties!  Kaleigh and Megan and I were on our way home to pick up Justin and Tyler and take them back to the fair when we spotted this mini mobile abandoned on Erle Road.  Funnier yet is when we hopped out to take pictures, two toothless men in a mini van pulled up cause he "saw a woman and two children" and thought we "needed help".  When I told him we were just shooting pictures of the abandoned trailer, he told me to "stay there and protect it" cause he was gonna "run home and get his truck".  8/05

You know...there's just something relaxing about reading a book with your dog in a recliner with a big ole sack of trash and a tire leaned up against it.  Kaleigh and I stumbled across this beauty on the north end of Bradshaw Road.  7/05

Ahhh...thankfully, some ding dong tossed out this recliner so the girls could take a break while riding the Bike Around The Buttes.  Steve can just never get enough of a good workout so, while the girls relaxed, he continued to cross train with a situp bar.  4/05

This beautiful specimen was dumped on Ostrom Road.  Sena and I spotted it in passing on our way home from a bike ride.  Sena asked me if I had my camera as we passed it.  When I realized what she was getting at, I stomped on my brakes so we could go back.  Um...Sena's lip prints are still on my windshield.   2/05

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