Friends and Family

Anyone who knows me knows that I have very strong ties to my friends and family.  Welcome to the wackiness!!


Spring Cow Work 2010



Fall Cow Work 2009



Fall Cow Work 2008  Unemployment Party  Camping in Chester

Coonies!!  The Brophy Project  Tour de Cure 2008

Freakshow!  Til The Cows Come Home  Tour of California

Power Outage



Pee Wee  BLACKMAIL!!  Winema Lodge

Rice Harvest 2007  Fall Cow Work '07  Wonder Horse

Redneck Boogie Board  Tour de Cure 2007



Klamath Falls  Rice Harvest 2006  Burkey

Fall Cow Work '06  Russian Gulch  Shorty

2006 YS Fair  Armageddon!!  Tour de Cure 2006

Spring Gather '06



Aw Shoot!! II  BCMC  Rice Harvest 2005

Hurricane Kat  Quad'n  Owen's Here!!

Aw Shoot!!  Bodyworlds  Tahoe



Kaleigh & Souix  2004 YS Fair


Really Old Stuff

Amazon's Best Friend  Coyotes  The Neighbor's Watusi

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