Fish On!!

Tyler and Kaleigh and I have done a bunch of fishing this year.  This page captures some of the moments we found important enough to snap pics of.

Trip #3 to Julian's Pond and Justin caught the monster this time.  Man there are some big fish in there!!  8/05

Not bad fellas!!  8/05

Ty caught 10 fish this time out.  This was the biggest.  8/05

On our second trip to Julian's Pond, Ed and Kaleigh went, too.  Kaleigh caught her first bass ever.  Not bad for a beginner!  7/05

If Tyler keeps this up, he'll be a master angler someday.  Check out the size of that monster!!  7/05

Michelle invited Ty and I down to fish at Julian's pond.  Owen went with us and tried his hand at fishing as well.  7/05

There are some pretty decent fish in that pond.  We put them all back so they keep getting bigger for Owen.  7/05

Tyler and I went trout fishing up near Downieville in "The Hole".  He didn't catch a thing that day but I caught this monster first thing.  Tyler made me touch it...GROSS!  7/05

Tyler has recently taken a liking to fly fishing.  Here are some shots of him perfecting his cast.  7/05

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