October 17, 2009

Time to work cows again and get them up the hill to winter pasture.  We all got together to "Git-R-Done"!!

Tyler helps Lauren suit up in her quad gear to head out for the gather.

She can't help being cute!!

Owen needed the equivalent of a NASCAR pit crew to get him ready.

Owen demonstrating the difficulties of "smiling for the camera" when wearing a helmet.

Justin rails against traditional cowboy attire with his Coors Light sleep pants and a Classy Chassis pinup t-shirt.

With the cattle to the corral, we FINALLY get to work.  Bartlett helps by pushing cattle up the lane with the hot shot.

Amazon alert!!  Yay!  I get to give selenium tablets!  I LOVE that job!!  Sena cleans and brightens ear tags so Mom and Dad can read them from a distance in the hills.

Spider man!  Spider man!  Does whatev....oh wait, it's Jenny D giving wormer.  My bad.

Did I say she can't help being cute?  Lauren helping with vaccinations.

Owen getting help from his mom refilling his syringe.

Owen getting more being tall enough to vaccinate a cow.

OMG!  What is this?!  "Poot the Chicago Cowboy" came to help!  Glenn is a big, important bizniz man from Chi Town.  He came out to get in on a little of the three S's...snot, slobber and shit.

Nice ass!!

Um...Kaleigh?  What are you gonna do with that glove?

Baby calf time!  I catch, Sena shoots, Glenn stupidvises.  :)


Lyndsey puts the heat to her own calf.


HI HO BLACKIE!!  Kaleigh trying to make taking the cattle back to pasture cool.

Thank You!  Thank You!  Thank You!!

It's always so nice to have our good friends step up and help with this bi-annual chore.  It sure makes it a whole lot of fun, too!




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