October 4, 2008

Beers and Steers!!

Twice a year my sister Michelle and I put out an "all call" to our friends to find out who wants to get beat up by Dad's cows during the twice annual vaccination melee.  For several years it was an all girl crew because it's also rice harvesting time and getting the guys out of the rice fields for a day is nearly impossible.  It rained this year though so the guys came out to help as well.  Here are some shots of the day.  Man!  We had a great time!!

Papa Wayne had surgery three weeks ago so he had to watch the chaos from a safe location.

The kids' friend, Bartlett riding Sadie to the corrals.

We are typically "quad cowboys".
Here's Owen following the herd to the corral on his.

Rene's husband, Guy had the dubious honor of running the hot shot.
It was Guy's birthday today.
Happy Birthday Guy!!!

You gotta take an opportunity whenever you can get it!
I got to smack Sena while her hands were full.

Owen helping his momma give a cow a shot.

Tyler learned it's best NOT to piss off a couple Amazon chicks!!

We renamed this bull "Steve The Bull" after Sena's husband Steve.
He's big, bulky and didn't really want to take a pill.

(Michelle, Me and Mike)

Kaleigh giving Jennifer a pill.  It's ok though, she's chasing it with a Corona.

The "Nicolaus Girls"

(Marie, Renee, Michelle, and Lis)

Put enough alcohol in Lis and she goes from "Aw, poor baby calf" to "Gimmie that iron!  I'll burn him!!"

(Renee, Lis, Ed and Jennifer)

Um...Ed...this isn't a rodeo and that's not a bucking chute.


(Jennifer, Michelle, Me, Kaleigh and Sena)

Michelle, Mike and Dad discussing what to do next.

The traditional "scrolling of the chute".
Notice the obligatory "drinking of the beer" that goes with this responsibility.

(Mike, Guy and Marie)


Kaleigh taking a break.


Ed telling one of his stories.
I'm not even going to speculate what he's talking about here.

(Tyler, Mike, Ingraham and Ed)


Ed waiting to catch the next calf.


Renee and Lis putting another calf through.

It was also national "Hug A Handicapped Kid Day" so I celebrated.

(Tyler and Me)


Marie's turn to put the iron on a calf.

(Michelle, Marie, Sena, Kaleigh, Renee and Jennifer)


Another shot of the "Nicolaus Girls".

(Marie, Michelle, Lis and Renee)

Owen following Papa back to the house for lunch.


Ahhhh....the works all done.

A great big THANK YOU to everyone that helped today (including Mom for the great food)!!
Michelle Fales
Mike Fales
Owen Fales
Lauren Fales
Ronda Applegarth
Tyler Applegarth
Kaleigh Applegarth
Ed Applegarth
Sena Minshew
Justin Ingraham
Jennifer DeKeyser
Adam Bartlett
Guy Davidson
Renee Davidson
Lis Cornell
Marie Fales
Emily Staas

You guys are so much fun, it's no wonder we love you!!

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