October 13, 2007

Michelle, my sister, and I are usually in charge of finding a few people to help out with working my dad, Wayne's, cattle every year.  When we work cows in the fall, the day usually overlaps with rice harvest and it's nearly impossible for the guys to get free to help.  A few years ago, the job fell primarily on the shoulders of four girls...Ronda (me), Michelle (my sister), Sena and Shorty (our two best friends on the planet).  That year, we joked around about about being "Wayne's Angels".  The rest is history.

Here are some shots of this years fun...including some shots of Wayne's A$$4o!#s (as dubbed by Tyler).

The original "Wayne's Angels" ready for action!!

(Michelle, Sena, Ronda & Shorty)

All the "cowgirls" ready to rock!!

(back row: Michelle, Shorty, Penny, Sena, Ronda, Devra, Renee, Jennifer
front row:  Lori & Kaleigh)

The cowboys

(Ed, Guy, Tyler, Rob and Grant)

Kaleigh, Roscoe and "The Beag" following cattle to the corral.

Guy, Sena, Penny and Dot riding drag.

With enough alcohol, even working cattle can make you dance.

We brought PG&E in this time to handle the electricity.

Kaleigh missed the calf but Jennifer belongs to us now.

PG&E...hard at work.

We love our cows....literally.

That's our girls!!

The work's all done...and so is "The Beag"

Cowsquirrels...er....girls...drinking beer
and macking on one of Grandma Sherri's
incredible tri-tip dinners.

The babysitters keep things rolling at Grandma's house!!

(Taylor (left) and Lyndsey (right) with Aasa, Owen and Lauren)


Amazing day people!!  Thank you to everyone that helped out!!

This had to be one of the smoothest cow working days we've ever had.

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