The Fiddlebutt's Work Cows
October 2006 Edition

Wayne's Angels - October 14, 2006

Twice a year, we gather some unsuspecting friends, bribe them with beer and tri-tip then make them work cows all day.  The stupid ones keep coming back every six months.  We haven't seen the smart ones again.  It's ok...we prefer the stupid ones.  They're more fun.

Here are some shots of the fun.

(click on an image for a larger view)

A couple more shots of the starting crew.  Wayne's Angels (Sena, Michelle, Me and Shorty), Trish and Kaleigh (on Marley) and Trish, Kaleigh, Michelle and Mike (mounted).  Ty was the photographer.
Kay on Marley, Michelle on Kate and Mike on Elmer.  Check out Mike's cowboy duds...uh huh...coveralls.  Here's a shot of Michelle and Katie right after a little bucking episode.  Chelle's still laughing!  HA!
Here's a couple of the "quad cowboys".  Trish rode with Sena during the gather.  I threw in a pic of Wrecks...cause someday he's gonna go, too.  I'm getting pretty tired of the "Hey!  You ever gonna break that colt?" questions.
We had a cow down with anaplasmosis.  Ty and I went out to give her some LA200 and some lactated wringers.  Our IV kit didn't have the right hookup so we washed out some beer bottles to use.  Um...should I be worried when my boy has an IV tube hooked up to a beer bottle?
Mike and Michelle's kids came to help for a little while.  Owen decided he's gonna take over the preg checking duties for Papa and Lauren hung out with Shorty.
Princess Lauren soon grew tired with livestock and summoned her entourage to bear her home to the castle so that she might rest.
I gotta give "Da Boy" a lot of credit.  For a kid that hates cows, he gave Papa a nice break by pushing cattle up and keeping the tub full.  We never had to wait on cattle.  Good job Ty!!
Ed showed up at lunch time and helped the rest of the day.
Work in progress.  I think Trish might make a farm girl yet!
Calves are done.  This is the guys loading the calf table out.
By the tail end of the day, everyone was tired...even Sena's pants!
Smile girls!!
Wow!  Whoever was on the iron here did a good job!!
Sweaty, snotty, shitty, and drunk....not necessarily in that order.

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