My Raccoons

So, the kids texted me one night while I was at my EMT class at the college.  The text said "Hey, what's this sound?" with a wild chirping noise attached.  I came home to two very hungry baby raccoons.  Their eyes were still closed.  I quickly became very attached and very protective.  I have since exiled the children to the barn so the raccoons can be comfortable living with me.  Heh heh.



Sena's husband, Steve with dual coons....installed after market of course.


Sena with one of the "kids".


Young raccoons can sleep anywhere, anytime.


One of the babies on my lap.


Like I said....anywhere....anytime.


The kids on the porch at the old house.


Tyler's coon skin cap.


Ever been felt up by a raccoon?



Maybe they were born to be hats.



Playing in the water...the last day at the old house.



Brother and Sister both felt quite welcome at the new house.



The contractors chewed me out nearly daily because their tools came up missing all the time.



I wonder why....hmmmm.



Since they couldn't get the tool belts to stay up, they chose to be building inspectors instead.



They were constantly in disagreement about some aspect of the process.






(spoken in the "Kaleigh raccoon voice")  "Hey you have any more grapes?



Tyler's very odd bed fellows.



Just like my kids...adorable when they're sleeping.






Brother makes sure the new tub is working properly.








Brother will sleep with anyone.



When I say smile for the camera, I mean it!!



Brother showing Kaleigh the proper "pre-flight check" on the driving academy's car.



He checked the exterior as well to make sure she'd be safe.



Brother and Ruger love to play.


Sometime, Ruger's the bad ass.



But mostly, he's OWNED!



This is one of the last pics I have of Brother.  He's resting here on the porch in my chair.  Not long after this pic was taken, he chose to go be a grownup raccoon (Sister left a few months earlier).  We've seen a few toonie prints in the garage and we've had one or two sightings of a raccoon not far from the house that is oddly unfrightened of humans.  I hope it's him.  I hope he's happy.  His visit with our family is an experience I'll not soon forget.

Stay safe my little friend!!





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