Caribou Wilderness
Lassen National Forest
Elevation 7,600'

8/17/07 - 8/19/07

Opening weekend of the A1 deer season for California.  We'd done a little scouting trip into the Chester area looking for a good spot to pack in with the horses two weeks ago.  YUCK!!  I swear to God there's no place to get away from a road up there....and the dust!  Sweet Jesus!!  We came home and regrouped and did some more research and decided to go into a wilderness area.  There aren't many so it wasn't too difficult to narrow our pick to the Caribou Wilderness area about 10 miles north of Chester.  We left on Friday morning and were on the horses and headed in by a little after noon.  Not 300 yards into the trees, Elmer (aka Thunder Butt), one of the pack horses, decided to wander off into a meadow and cut his own path back to the pack string.  He happened to be carrying all of our food in an ice chest we'd slung to one side of the pack saddle and Michelle's bow case on the other side.  He got to a spot where the trees were pretty close together and decided that since he was so big, he'd just force his body through the hole and to hell with the stuff he was carrying.  All hell broke loose!!  Thank God for duct tape, otherwise all of our food would have been dumped out including the beer.  We could hear the latches popping loose on Michelle's bow case from where we were.  About that time I heard Michelle say, "OH HELL NO!!"  In an effort to spare the horses life, I bailed off mine and started running  cause I knew if Michelle got there first, he was a dead horse walking.  We got things put back together and Elmer's freedom was DENIED.  We made it to Beauty Lake and made camp, did some scouting, had some dinner and got to bed.  At 9:30 pm, we heard a group we affectionately dubbed "The Drunk Family" gleefully march into our camp.  The Drunk Family's child said loudly, "Well, there's a tent!!" while The Drunk Family's dad shined a light back and forth across said tent.  They stood there for the longest time (all the while The Drunk Family's mom is singing something about being happy to be in the forest up the hill).  Finally, Michelle said, "Did you folks need some directions?"  On retrospect, we do believe that had I racked a shell into my .45, they would have left quicker.  The whole weekend turned out to be a bust.  The only buck we saw was a spike I saw following his momma on Saturday.  Two of the horses tore down one of the high lines and got some nasty rope burns on their legs and I had an allergy attack that made it impossible to be quiet on a stand.  We did have fun though and learned a few more lessons about packing.  We did have a camp doe that was fun to mess with though.  Here's a few pics...


I was eating one of my famous homemade cinnamon rolls out of this tub I'm holding when this ole girl wandered into camp and started raising her head and winding my breakfast.

Michelle said, "She wants your cinnamon roll."
I said, "Well, she can't have it!"
So, I did.

Remember those cheesy vacation photos your friends always show you?

Well, here's my sister with a deer.

Kaleigh must have looked liked she liked animals cause the doe took a shine to her.

"Hey mom, I wonder if she'll eat a piece of bread off the end of my arrow?"

Marley sporting the biggest rack we saw all weekend.

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