Memorial Day Weekend Camping Trip
Chester, CA
May 24 - 26, 2008

My sister, Michelle and I have been dying to go camping for a few weeks so, as the Memorial Day weekend was approaching, we made impromptu plans to get the heck out of Dodge.  We called up a bunch of friends and invited them along.  With the short notice, we wound up with a smaller group but a fun one all the same.  Chelle brought her kids, Owen and Lauren.  Kaleigh invited her friends Jade and Britney.  Tyler invited his buddy Justin "Ingram".  Jeff "Schumann" came down from Klamath Falls.  Grama Sherri threw in at the last minute, too.  Mix that crew with a few quad runners, Jeff's Rhino, some tinfoil, some baby raccoons, plenty of teenage idiocy and Michelle and Schumann speaking Vietnamese and you got yourself a party!! (ok...I'm kidding about the tin foil)

It rained on us both nights but we were ready for the rain so it was no big deal.  In fact, rain + dirt = mud and splashing through mud puddles in the Rhino in the rain with Tyler behind you on a quad is just good fun.

My camera quit me a few weeks ago so all I have is a few shots from Mom's camera.  Here they are for your pure viewing pleasure...


You know... I frequently wonder if my children are mildly retarded.

It was confirmed this weekend.

Tyler made himself a big ol' Grant Strong moustache out of some dried brown moss then chatted with all of us using various accents that always wound up sounding Mexican.

Kaleigh unknowingly rolled Dexter, my terrier, up in her bedroll when we were breaking camp.  Thank God Schumann was there!  He noticed the bedroll moving and let wonder girl know she'd better unroll it.  You should have seen the look on the dogs face when he stumbled out of there!

They aren't real bright but they sure make you laugh.

Kaleigh and Ingram being stalked by the ferocious, three legged California terrier.  Although not native to this part of California, we saw several.  They can frequently be found warming the seats of a Rhino or standing in the middle of the road waiting for it to get back.

Britney and Jade hamming it up for the camera.

On a deer scouting trip, we found a rock formation that looked like it could be a bear cave from the road.  Schumann, Chelle and I went to check it out.  Tyler was with us but... um... well... it might have been a bear cave so, yeah... he hung back a bit.

I tried to sneak into one of the Mom's pics.  Upon more careful examination of that photo, Tyler discovered that the cave was actually a bigfoot den.

Did I mention that I think my kids are retarded?

We drove around looking for some water with fish in it in an attempt to get one on for Owie.  No luck but it was a good excuse to drink beer.

Lauren wasn't too into the fishing.  Come to think of it, Lauren wasn't really into any part of the "tamping" trip.

Good thing she's so darned cute!


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