California Rifle Blacktail
September 2006 I wasn't even going to post any pics of this hunt.  But I guess ANY deer is better than getting skunked.  Ed, me, Dad and Tyler drove up to Foresthill for the day to see if we could find a deer...ANY deer.  This is the ONLY deer we saw all day.  He's a fork on the left and a spike on the right.  Ed spotted him and Dad and I both pulled our guns up.  I wanted Dad to take him in the worst way.  Ed said, "He's legal, take him!"

I waited...  and waited...  and waited...  and waited...

I finally couldn't stand it anymore and shot him.  Dad said he really couldn't tell (even through the scope) if he was a legal buck so he hesitated.  I really can't blame him.  You've got to feel sorry for a little deer like this one.  I do have to admit though, that was the best venison I've ever had in my life!!


Tyler, you looking for deer?  Tyler?  Tyler?

Dad tossed me some "extra headgear" for the little fella.

My nephew, Owen, helped me dress the little guy out when we got back to Grandma's house.

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