B Zone Rifle Hunt
Trinity Alps
Elevation 5,600'

9/19/08 - 9/22/08

Kaleigh and I headed back to the Trinity Alps to hunt for deer.  Kaleigh invited her boyfriend Justin along.  We had a great time but came home empty handed....AGAIN!  Funny story though, we did see a forked horn at the trailer while saddling pack horses on opening morning.  One of us got a shot at him but missed.  I won't tell you who missed because I don't want to embarrass the guy.

Radar apparently wanted a closeup shot.

Justin and Kaleigh leaving camp.  They spent all day on horseback...er...horse and muleback but never saw a deer.  My heart was in my throat when Wrecks (the little bay horse) came back to camp not ten minutes after they left, with no rider.  I thought for sure Justin had come off and was laying up the trail with a broken leg.  As it turns out though, we now know that Wrecks is scared to death of people wearing backpacks.  Fifteen people wearing backpacks looks like an army of horse eaters to the little guy.  Justin walked back to camp to pick a different horse.  I think the boy is a genius!

Kaleigh spent TWO HOURS sitting in the dirt fashioning this "doggie pack saddle" for Dottie.  Dottie was horribly unamused.

Monday morning (HAPPY 16TH BIRTHDAY KAY!!) coming out.  Radar the mule (with the orange top pack) followed by Wrecks took all of our gear in and out the full seven miles we were in.

Two tired collies in the back seat of the truck on the way home.

I just want to say that even though the kids and I had an incredibly fun time on this trip.  I really missed my sister.  I hope she can go next year....and you can bet......I'M GOING!!

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