How many people do you know that have a 35 lb. turkey as a pet?  Well, you know one now.

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It is with great sadness that I report the death of Burkey the turkey.  I found her murdered in the back yard this morning.  I had a CSI team come in and process the crime scene and upon receipt of early reports, it appears that she may have been mauled by coyotes.  When DNA testing is complete and positive ID is confirmed...COYOTES WILL DIE!!!


R.I.P. bird...that'll do.

How stupid am I?  I bought this two day old turkey chick for $2.00 thinking it would be dead in a couple of days because the kids would love it's feathers off.  Um...nope....it lives on.

Little did I know you could have so much fun with farm animals.  You can make a party hat for a baby turkey out of a post it note and...wah-lah...you've got a party animal!

More fun with farm animals...a turkey sandwich!

Try to put a bird this size on a bun.

This is Burkey in late December at a whopping 35 lbs.

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