The Brophy Project

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The View From My Backyard

Dad has some property over on Brophy Road that he purchased quite a while ago.  When he first bought it, it had a small house, a garage and a rather large dilapidated barn on it.  Behind the structures there was about 75 acres of peach trees that never really wanted to grow in that soil.  In the days and months that followed, the guys pushed the trees out and stacked them, Dad pushed the barn over and burned it and we tore out old fences and lit them as well.  Currently, all that's left on top of the hill is the house (that seriously needs to be burned to the ground) and the ENORMOUS garage.  We are now in the process of moving forward with converting the garage into a home.  We'll be demoing the existing home after that.  I set up this page to track our progress.


Here's an idea of what the front elevation will look like with the addition and garage on it.  5/08


A good idea of how we see the revised floor plan.  5/08


May 2008

The old girl needed a hair cut so Dad had Donnie run around the property with the mower...


And I weed eated. 


We had some nice visitors who drove into one side of the building and damaged a section of wall.  Apparently, they were cold so they built a fire out of some old furniture in the old house.  They left some syringes for me to clean up, too.  I wonder what they were doing with those.



Here's what the entrance looked like before we started.  It's a wide opening but it's right on the road.  Dad envisioned and inlet so that you could pull a pickup and trailer in off the road while you opened the gates. 


Here's my crew for the day...Dad, Tyler and Kaleigh.  They are moving the main brace posts (that Dad had welded up previously) down to where we are working near the road.


Tyler cutting lengths of the 6", heavy walled pipe that we are using for the main gate posts.


Worked hard all day!!  For as hard as we worked, it sure seems like there should be more done.

June 2008

No great pics this month but made some progress.  We hired Dan Cannada from Custom Drafting Services to draw up plans for the new home. 




July 2008

7/24/08 - Dropped the plans off at Yuba County Building Department to start the plan check process.  As soon as we have something back from them, we can move forward with getting bids from sub contractors.   



Ed towing the backhoe and me and Ty dragging the gates and the rest of the supplies in the stock trailer down North Beale Road.  Thanks for running out and grabbing this pic Sena!!! 


Worked all weekend with Dad, Ed and Tyler to finish up drilling post holes and setting pipe and brace posts in concrete to hold the front and South gates.  Tyler demonstrates the beauty of a young back.  I could barely budge this broken railroad tie.  He hoisted it up on one shoulder and carried it to the scrap pile.


Tyler is getting so good with the backhoe that Dad, Larry and Mike use him almost exclusively if there is backhoe work to be done.  I'm thinking it was years and years of practice with the video games.  Tyler used the bucket on the hoe to slide that 35 feet of 6 inch, heavy walled pipe off the deck of the trailer.  When it finally slid out to where it was clear of the back end of the hoe, he looked down and shook his head.  He thought the end might pop up into the cab with him.  I remember him telling me it might be a good idea if I went and got some band aids right now....just in case.


August 2008

Not much to report for August either.  Lots of scrambling around for the County to get permits in order.  




September 2008


Abel, Joe and Ryan setting up the footings.


We had to cut out sections of the existing slab to lay the interior footings and plumbing in.  This job was a HUGE pain in the @$$!!  Tyler worked for three days on a jack hammer and Ryan finally decided to go get a Bobcat with a breaker on it.  As soon as the Bobcat was on site, one of the hydraulic hoses blew and set the guys back another four hours.  They finally got all the concrete out.  This is the finished product.


Joe setting up form boards to pour the footings.  I'm pretty sure that when these guys are done, no one will believe this thing was a shop at one time.


Another view of the footing form boards going up.


This is a view from inside the shop looking North.  The deep cuts are where interior footings have to be poured.



Look Ma!  No sides!

The framers have removed all the siding and are reframing in the new locations for windows and doors.  Oh yeah, and...WE POUR FOOTINGS TOMORROW!!  WOOO HOOO!!!


Another view of the old girl's ribcage.

Did I mention we are pouring footings tomorrow?



Pour Day!!

Ryan and Tyler (with two guys from Butte Concrete Pumping) pouring the stemwalls.


The concrete was so stiff, the guys were really having to scramble to get it floated before it set up.


Papa Wayne making sure the job's done to his liking.



Pour Day II!!  The Slab!!

I knew Kaleigh was strong......but DANG!


Grama Sherri is always available to see if there's anything she can do to help.
Thanks Mom!!


ABC Concrete delivering some of the 40 plus yards of concrete we poured today.


You gotta love a company that names a piece of equipment the "Putzmeister"... that's what I call Tyler!!


Dude!  I found a picture of me actually working!!  One of the hoses on the backhoe blew so I ran to town to get another one.  This is Tyler and I headed that way to replace it.

During the installation of said hose, Tyler got both of his arms up and over the drive line on the tractor and got stuck.  I got to laughing so hard I was crying.  It brought back memories of him getting his head stuck in Mayor MacCheese's hat at MacDonald's when he was two....every damned time we went there.  All I could hear from under the tractor was "Um....momma....I'n tuck".  Ahhhh hah hah!!!  That's my boy!!


The house slab poured and floated.


The boys from Teichert laying down the garage slab.

What a great bunch of guys!  Fast and professional and a lot of fun.  Thank you very much for your help guys!!  We'll give you a call when the tri-tip is ready!


Another shot of the Teichert guys pouring the garage.


Almost done.


The littest member of the Teichert squad gets introduced to Sister the raccoon.


When the dust finally settled, Ryan told us to grab a nail and write our names in the corner of the garage slab.  Here's Kaleigh putting her sig in the concrete.


Tyler adding his name to the mix.


You have to read it bottom to top so the numbers work out right to get the whole date.

Kaleigh 08
Tyler 27
Rondazon 09



Thank you Mike, Michelle and Kaleigh!!

We had a surprise birthday party for both my brother and my sister-in-law at my Mom's today.  Michelle and Mom did all the food and after we ate, I told Michelle I was going back to the house to continue taking the sheeting off the roof.  She said she'd go and sit in the shade and drink beer and watch me.  All of the sheeting on the East side of the house still needed to be removed.  So, I'm up on a ladder pulling nails and talking "blah, blah, blah, blah" when out of now where.... BOOM!!!  The piece of sheeting I was working on goes flying off the house and I'm peering down inside the house from above at my sister holding a two by four.  She says, "OR you could do it that way".  Then it was on!!  About that time, Michelle's husband Mike and my daughter Kaleigh showed up.  We had the roof off in a matter of about an hour then had pizza delivered and sat on the slab to eat and admire our work.


Kaleigh launches a piece of sheeting from the top of the old garage.


My kicker chick doesn't even take her spurs off to be a roofer for a day.



We have walls!


Ty's room framed up.


The view from the slider in my bedroom.


One of the framers from Raccoon Construction Company putting his nail bags on.


Another one of the framers from Raccoon Construction Company standing a wall.


I've noticed these guys can be a bit lazy once in a while.


And disagreements over translations of the plans can get violent.



Everything is framed up now.  It looks HUGE!!



Me trying to be helpful while Jon nails fascia on the South side of the house.
Oh boy!  I'm helping!!



Jon and Ryan work on getting the roof on so it stays dry inside. looks like a house!!



Here's one of the 'hot' construction workers on the job site.
Safety first!!


The old blue eye sore about to become history.


One last shot of old and new standing together.


We thought old blue would fit in two bins.  Wrong!!  It took five.


Our long time friend, Roger Murray and his trusty excavator did the demo for us.


Roger made quick work of knocking the old structure down.


Papa and Tyler watch the old girl go.


Nearly gone and I finally have a view!!



Ingram, Kaleigh and Justin painting the ceiling in the garage.
Don't you think they'd make more progress with a bit of space between them?



Jon and I finished staining the concrete in the main living area with an acrylic concrete stain.  It looks sooooo good!!


The guys from Caldwell's Custom Cabinets came to install our cabinets today.

Although Kaleigh finds the installation process interesting, Brother couldn't care less!

Kaleigh looks like she'd make a great gameshow letter turner.


Jon and Ryan start the tile in the front bathroom.


Apparently, it's Kaleigh's bathroom.  Jon made her a customized tile "K".


Now THAT'S a lawn tractor!!  Dad had one of the guys drag one of the big discs they use in the rice field around on top of the hill to break up the dirt in preparation for having gravel delivered.


Kaleigh and I started construction on our paver walkway this morning.  Steve and Sena stopped by after a bike ride.  Steve was kind enough to put his brawn to work....cycling shoes and all.

Dexter helped, too.


Lori and Terry dropped by to discuss where trees should go in the "redneck landscaping process".  We put them to work, too.


The boys went to Lowe's and brought what pavers I couldn't fit in my pickup home in Ingram's truck.  Kaleigh and I were painstakingly slow considering this was our first attempt ever at something like this.  Thankfully, Jon came by with his tile saw to cut the corner pieces for us.

I gotta give Kaleigh a LOT of credit.  She was meticulous in the placement of the pavers.




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