Hi Ho Tonto?


Ok, so Kaleigh's been working for Bishop's Pumpkin Farm in Wheatland for the last couple of weeks.  They hired her to ride all the ponies and mini mules to make sure they were ready when they open on 9/24.  Kaleigh has worked very hard after school every day and on Saturdays.  She washes ponies, brushes ponies, saddles ponies and rides and rides and rides.  Well, today when I went to pick her up, she whispered "Come here and let me show you what I taught Tonto".  We go outside and she hops on this little appy pony and she cues him and he kind of hops up in the front end.  I say, "Yeah, that's neat Kay, too bad you can't really get him to go up".  She gives  me the sidelong Kaleigh glance and says "Um, hello? That wasn't it....watch".  She bumps Tonto again and he goes full up, pawing the air and stays there with her just grinning ear to ear.  My eyes flew open and my jaw dropped.  This kids ability with horses just floors me!  Way to go Bronco Billy!!

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