Bodyworlds or Bust!!

December 2004

What'll you have?  Brunette?  Blonde?  Redhead?

The four of us girls FINALLY got to take off together for a couple of days.  We left on a Friday evening and went down to L.A. to experience the Bodyworlds exhibit at the California Science Museum.  I'd wanted to go see the exhibit for some time and when I mentioned it to my entourage they were all for it.  I love the fact that when I say "Hey, do ya wanna?!", they usually say "Why not?".  Bodyworlds is a science exhibit that displays a huge collection of plastinated cadavers so the layman can see what we humans have going on inside.  I was most impressed by brains who's owners had suffered massive strokes and hearts who's owners had suffered heart attacks.  The knee and hip replacements were pretty neat, too.  I can't even begin to explain the whole plastination process to you.  For more information, check out

(Click on an image for a larger view)

My good friend Tom was willing to put the four of us up for a couple days so we stayed with him.  Little did he know that all that estrogen in his home would cause plants to wilt and paint to peel.  He was a FANTASTIC host though.  He took us to cofffffeeeeee and he let us drink all of his wine and beer.  He also chauffeured us all over the place and took us to a bitchin' Mexican restaurant on the beach.  We also had the pleasure of going to the OC swapmeet.  We bought all kinds of...well...crap really...but really good crap.

Here's Chelle and Tom.  For some reason, Michelle requested a head shot.  I'm not sure if it's because she wanted to hide her belly or because Tom offered to have a "show your belly" contest with her.

DAMMIT!!  That is one lucky guy!!

I think Shorty felt sorry for Tom and his lack of head covering.  Being the ever charitable person that she is, she offered to share her abundance of locks with him.

Kron does love her Shorty!!

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