Rednecks, Four Wheel Drive Tractors, Alcohol and Guns!

Where's ATF when you need 'em!?!


So my family put celebrating Thanksgiving off a few days so we could all be there.  Mom and Dad, Mike, Michelle and Owen and Larry and Justin had all been gone on a hunting trip to Oregon until Friday and I had gone up to Cottonwood so it worked out well for all of us.  We really wanted to have Paul and Shorty and Sena there as well and the delayed party facilitated that, too.  The party commenced about 2 pm.  Here are some shots of the festivities...

Justin took Grant's son, Wayne and I on a ride in the 9300.  Wayne was giggling like crazy when Justin opened it up on the way down the driveway.  Wayne made sure his hand was on the wheel on the way back.
LOOK OUT GRANDMA!!  Mike got a better vantage point for hucking clay pigeons with the hand thrower.
A couple shots of the crew milling about.
The who's who of skeet shooting at Casa de Wayne.  Here's Larry and Mandy.
Mike and Michelle (the good picture) and Paul and Shorty.
Steve couldn't make it so Ty was Sena's stand in.  It appears he doesn't mind it so much.  This is a great shot of my girls, too. that wine and cigarettes?  Skanks!
Dexter's pouting at this point.  By this time of the day he'd already had a glass of wine dumped on him (unintentionally).  I don't think he's too into the whole gun thing either.

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