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Tour de Cure 2007, masochist that I am, I'm riding in the Tour de Cure for my fifth time this year.  As my stalwart supporters know, the Tour is a fundraising event for the American Diabetes Association.  It's a bike ride put on in several cities across the nation.  Our Tour is in Sacramento, California and has four options.  Participants can ride 10, 25, 50 or 75 miles on the American River Bike Trail.  It's a beautiful ride from Natomas Oaks Park up to Folsom and back.  The event takes place on May 19th this year.  If you haven't already, please consider tossing a few bucks my way.  I'd be happy with anything you can offer.  You can visit my fundraising page at

This year, I'm adding the names of your friends and family that are dealing with or have dealt with diabetes to the cycling jersey I will be wearing the day of the event.  Make sure you let me know what name I can add for you!!

In an effort to keep you apprised of my progress, I've decided to do some "blogging" this year.  Let me tell really ought to be happy that I chose "blogging" over something like "clogging".  Amazon's jigging in wooden shoes is not only unsightly but it's really rather dangerous for spectators.

4/22/07 -- 0 Bike Miles -- "Ten Ineffective Feet" or "The Running of the Bull" -- SWEET MOTHER OF PEARL!!  DOES IT EVER END!!??
4/20/07 -- 0 Miles -- So, I've been off the bike for 12 days straight now.  I'm gaining weight again and I do believe I've started mooing.  Between work, household chores, livestock and crutchboy, I've had ZERO time to ride!!  I've GOT to get some miles in.
4/13/07 -- 0 Miles -- OH MY GOD!!  NOT AGAIN!!
4/12/07 -- 0 Miles -- Tyler and I loaded the bikes and headed for Monterey!!  We are going to the Sea Otter Classic.  Tyler is racing in the beginner men's hardtail downhill.  I'm hoping to get some miles in with the club tomorrow afternoon.  A good number of them are staying at the Presidio where Joe was kind enough to get us all rooms.  Thanks Joe!!
4/10/07 -- 0 Miles -- Was gonna ride today but it's Tyler's birthday AND we're getting ready to leave for the Sea Otter Classic on Thursday.  Enough excuses?

4/8/07 -- 20 Miles -- Happy Easter!  The Great White Wedgie and I set out to do the 20 mile loop from Ed's house, up Pass Road, south on West Butte and back on South Butte.  Beautiful ride!!

4/5/07 -- 20 Miles -- Quick!  Somebody write "STUPID" on my forehead!!  I decided to add some mileage to my club ride tonight.  I rode out from the office to the starting point at Franklin school.  I felt really good when I left so I pushed it hard on the way out and averaged 20 mph.  I hooked up with the club at Franklin School and they kept the pace right around 18 mph.  Apparently, I hadn't recovered fully from being sick on Tuesday because about 3/4ths the way around the loop, I fell off the back of the pack.  I thought, no biggie...just slow down, pedal and get back.  By the time we were back at the school, I was out of water, had stopped sweating and was shaking.  Oooooooo, I remember this feeling!!  I'm BONKING baaaadly.  LaBonte was kind enough to give me one of her bottles of water and she and Bob pulled me back to the bike path.  I made the last leg of the ride myself but man oh man was I S-I-C-K.  By the time I got home, I was so nauseous that I couldn't even make dinner for the kids.  Good God Ronda!  It was only 20 miles!  Get a damn grip!!
4/4/07 -- 10 Miles (Mtn Bike) -- Did the little 10 mile loop out Erle Road up Griffith, East on North Beale and across Larry's rice back to my house.  I was sooooo sick yesterday I came home from work and wasn't able to get off the couch let alone go riding with the club.  I'm still breathing off the top end of my lungs so I decided to take it veeeerrrrry easy at home tonight.  I felt good when I got back to the house though so tomorrow, it's back out with the crew of YS Cycling!!
4/2/07 -- 20 Miles -- Ran up to Burney to see Rob yesterday and drove home today.  I stopped in Loma Rica to ride some hills on the way home.  I found my bottom gear several times and was TIRED when I got to the truck.  A humbling experience but good for me.
3/31/07 -- 64 Miles -- The 2007 Cinderella Classic in Dublin, California!!  10 girls from the bike club went down to ride in this one.  All of them drove down on Friday except me.  I worked all day then had horse trouble at home and by the time I got done with that there was NO WAY I was driving down south.  I rolled out at 3:30 a.m. and got out of the yard at 4:20 a.m.  I pulled into the Dublin Fairgrounds at 6:20 a.m. and ran to get in line for registration.  It's always crowded at that ride and I wanted to take advantage of my early arrival.  They still didn't open the doors until 7 so we got a much later start than we wanted.  I rode waaaaay better than I thought I would.  By the first rest stop, I felt like I hadn't even been on the bike yet.  I admit, by the time I got back to the truck, I was ready to be done but could have ridden another 10 had it been required of me.  Beautiful day!!  Lot's of fun!
3/30/07 -- 8 Miles -- Met Sena and Jennifer for a quick little spin around Marysville on the levee.  It was a nice way to stretch my legs for tomorrow's ride and made me feel a teeny bit less guilty about lunch at Maria's.  Mmmmm....tacos.
3/29/07 -- 14 Miles -- Tonight was my first night back with the club.  I'd forgotten how quickly the miles fly by when you are riding with a group.  The girls wanted to "take it easy" tonight because the Cinderella is on Saturday.  Um...girls?  When did 18 m.p.h. get categorized as "easy"?  They're gonna kill me Saturday aren't they?
3/28/07 -- 20 Miles -- Does the wind EVER QUIT?!  I did the 20 mile Butte's Loop tonight into a wind that had me down to 7 miles per hour climbing on Pass Road.  Man!  I can suffer with the best of em!  The Buttes are beautiful right now so the scenery was spectacular.  The only drawback was I ran into Taylor on the ride.  You know Taylor right?  The 17 year old kid in our cycling club, cat. 2 road racer, going to Europe for a second time, U.S. Jr. Cycling Team Taylor?  Yeah...that Taylor.  (  Well, he blew past me so fast all my hair flew off.  I won't have to shave for a week.  Nice kid.
3/27/07 -- 10 Miles (Mtn Bike) -- Oh lookie!  The wind's blowing again!  Yeah!  I LOVE to ride in the wind!! /end sarcasm

So I packed all my stuff to ride with the club tonight.  After work, I changed and got in the truck and started down the mental checklist to make sure I had, water, jersey, sports bra, shorts, shoes, socks, scrunchie, sunglasses, helmet...helmet?...DAMMIT!  I'd left my helmet at home.  So, I decided to go home and ride out from there.  The road ride options from my house aren't the best so I took the mountain bike on a quick 10 mile spin that winds up being half on road and half off road but all flat.  I rode it pretty quick and good thing, too.  Wrecks, my stupid, ding-dong, meat sack of a horse had busted the water pipe in the horse pasture that was quickly filling to Olympic diving levels with water.  Kaleigh used her cat-like, redneck thinking abilities and plugged the pipe with a wine cork until we could buy the stuff to fix it.  I freaking missed half of Idol!!  I need a beer.

3/24/07 -- 40 Miles -- Interesting day for me today.  No kids last night so I rolled out early and headed to Lincoln for some hill miles.  I got 20 miles in there and was treated to a veritable zoo of interesting wildlife to view during my travels.  I saw deer, turkeys, a raccoon, a possum and one kamikaze lizard that did his damnedest to wreck my ass.  Now, those that know me (and unfortunately for those that have ridden with me), know that I ride a bike something akin to a three year old on a tricycle.  I use up a good portion of my side of the road and drafting behind me is nearly impossible because I can't maintain a static speed which is unfortunate because, as large as I am, I cut a swath that could make drafting behind me like riding in a vacuum.  Obstacles, no matter how small, are always a challenge.  Lizards qualify as "moving obstacles".  The particular lizard that I met this morning must be like me and my friends cause he saw me coming and I heard him say this to his lizard buddies, " this!  Here, hold my beer."  He darts out quite a ways in front of me in what I'm sure was an effort to make sure I saw him.  Then he began behaving like he had all kinds of problems.  He was horribly indecisive and couldn't decide which side of the road he wanted to be on.  He was also delusional because he thought the pavement was made of lava.  That, along with the fact that he must have forgotten to take his seizure meds made his behavior quite erratic indeed.  I happened to be on a decent downhill and traveling along at a pretty good clip when I noticed him.  I remember yelling "PICK A DAMNED DIRECTION AND GO THAT WAY FOR GOD'S SAKE!!"  He did but it was at the last freaking minute.  I had the best shot of adrenaline I've had in a while followed by a brief bout of hyperventilation.  When I finally got past him, I'm sure he was back on the roadside sharing a lot of lizard laughter and little three toed high fives.  Little bastard.

I went out to Sutter to pick Ty up after the ride in Lincoln and still felt pretty good so I saddled up again and did the South Butte loop.  From Ed's house, up South Butte, across West Butte and back over Pass Road to Acacia and back to Ed's is just a smidge over 20 miles.  I surprised myself and rode right at 18 mph for a good portion of the way.  Maybe I'll do better on the Cinderella this weekend that I thought I would.  Thankfully....I didn't run into any lizards in the Buttes.

3/22/07 -- 0 Miles -- I had a class today in Sacramento.  "Developing Staff Through Coaching and Delegation" they called it.  I had the bike in the pickup with intentions of hauling butt home and riding with the club on the Tuesday/Thursday training ride.  I had called Michelle (my sister) on my way to Sacramento and told her, depending on time, I might swing in on my way back to Yuba City.  Well, she called me while I was driving back and said "ARE YOU GONNA STOP OR NOT?!!".  I told her I didn't think so but why?  She said, "THEN I'M JUST GONNA DRINK WITHOUT YOU!!!".  Apparently, being caged in the house with two small children (Owen/2 and Lauren/nearly 1), one armed with a squirt gun and one armed with drool, is not conducive to good mental health.  Needless to say, I felt the need to save my poor niece and nephew from sure maternal harm.  Well, and there was that whole "beer drinking" thing. miles today people.  Here, let me do the math for you.

Beer + Amazon + Bicycle = Sure death for someone.

3/21/07 -- 20 Miles -- Yesterdayís ride was so good, I got a little cocky and thought Iíd ride tonight, too.  I left my truck at Tierra Buena school and rode out the bike path to Sutter and to the top of Pass Road and back.  HOLY MOTHER OF GOD!!!  I rode out into light winds GUSTING TO FIVE THOUSAND MILES PER HOUR!!  I kid you not, I rode up Pass Road at a blazing 7 miles per hour.  I could have walked up faster!  The ride home was amazing though.  A big chick on a bicycle with a tail wind is something akin to a sail boat just outside San Francisco BayÖ.I was on FIRE!  23 Ė 30 mph all the way in!!!
3/20/07 -- 15 Miles -- My first real day back on the bike.  There was one 10 mile mountain bike ride about a month ago on flat, flat ground but Iím not counting that.  The Tuesday/Thursday night club rides have started back up so I thought Iíd go ride with them.  I snuck out to the starting point early and took off thinking there would be NO WAY Iíd be able to hang with the crew.  All the girls have been training for the Cinderella ride coming up next weekend and I know they are riding strong so I was horribly worried.  I surprised myself.  Iíd forgotten that Iíd lost right around 20 lbs. since last season so Iím not having to install the rolling casters on my butt cheeks so that I can drag it along behind me anymore.  Apparently, that thing was really weighing me down.  I FLEW through the ride and still felt pretty good when I got back to the truck.  Everyone elseís cars were at the starting point when I got back but I didnít stick around to say hi.  Iíll try to ride with them on Thursday.
Sometime in February 2007 -- More donations from the crew here at Sutter North.  Thank you Trace, Deb, Linda, Kim Kathleen, Diane and Tom!!

 Iíve also decided to add the names of our friends and family who are dealing with or have dealt with diabetes to my cycling jersey for the ride this year.  The names on the jersey so far are Tony Luis Jr. (the reason I started doing this ride to begin with), Steven Prisco (my very good friend who is too far away), Anthony Bonfitto (a friend of Glennís daughter), Gail Chandler (momís cousin) and Dorothy Alaskin (momís aunt).


Sometime in January 2007 -- Ok, so I finally signed up for the Tour de Cure and created the team page.  As soon as I sent out my first fund raising request via email, my main supporters Glenn and Steve were immediately on board with Glenn dragging his poor friend Mary along for the ride.  I swear to God peopleÖmeeting that man can be considered a blessing or a curse!!




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