The Spatula here's the story.  Every year we go and stay the full week at our local county fair.  It's a whole lot of fun.  The list of players includes Lori and Devra and Me and my kids.  Throw the periodic attendance of Terry into that mix and it's REALLY a lot of fun.

Well, the last two years, Sena and Shorty have offered to cook dinner for all of us.  It really helps out because Sena cooks her famous lasagna and they bring it in on a night when we are soooo busy, hot and tired that no one wants to cook.  The girls bring all the food and we use the paper plates, utensils, cups and the like at the trailer.

Here's where the story gets interesting...

Lori keeps this spatula in the trailer and for some reason, the spatula likes me cause it always hitches a ride to my house after the fair.  In an attempt to be creative in returning the spatula to it's rightful owners last year, I wrote "Ode To A Spatula" and left it, along with it's coveted subject matter, under the windshield wiper of Lori's truck at her place of business.  Well, I'll be go to hell if when I get home from the fair this year and start unpacking, I find that freaking spatula hiding out in the bottom of MY silverware tub.  I see it....I stare at it with it's polished stainless steel blade grinning back at me from the depths of the tub and I ask it, "what do you want with me?"...  "why do you keep following me?"..."Lori's gonna think I keep stealing you!"  Then I think..."Heeeeyyyy!  Maybe I DID steal the spatula!"  It would have been subconscious, of course....but it could be profitable.  So, I decide, I'll at least get lunch out of this deal.  I grabbed the spatula by it's skinny little neck and drug it into the Data Center at work.  There I blindfolded it then bound and gagged it.  I took pictures and attached them to a note that I cleverly disguised at to not have my handwriting identified.  If those people want their spactula back.....they're gonna pay....THEY'RE GONNA PAY!!!

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