The Rubber Boot Cowboy


Ronda Staas Applegarth


Every year in June when the grass gets short

and it's time to bring the cows home,

My husband and I call a few of our friends

so we don't have to ride out alone.


We get all decked out in the latest of gear

with leather from head to toe.

And the finest equipment bedecks our steeds

and just the right bit for "good whoa".


We all meet at daybreak, unload the horses,

saddle and get ready to ride,

But one year was different, a new cowboy came,

and I couldn't believe my eyes.


My Dad had decided we needed more help,

I said "Dad we'll make out just fine".

He never had much use for a horse and a rope,

now he sat upon his equine.


Old Rob, his horse, had lost one eye

in a fight with a tree near the creek.

I said, "Dad, he can't see", He said, "He'll be fine,

he'll just have to follow his beak".


Now my Dad grew up on a dairy

and I guess he adopted the attire

He looked out of place as he sat on that horse,

his outfit for us to admire.


He wore a seed company baseball cap

and coveralls to "keep his clothes neat"

But the thing that most made us snicker

were the rubber boots on his feet. 


We set out to gather the 200 pair,

it would be a 5 mile drive.

We all made a pact to watch out for Dad,

we hoped he would make it alive.


The drive went slick, not one mistake,

we thought it was made in the shade,

Til we turned the last corner, Rob saw the barn,

and one horse in the corral, she neighed.


You'da thought that horse had seen a bear,

he took off like a bat out of hell.

Dad grabbed the horn, his seed cap flew off

and then he started to yell.


Rob has long legs and he used them all right,

they stretched as far as they'd reach.

And as we got closer we heard Dad tell Rob

somthing 'bout takin' him to the beach.


I told Dad later, "You must be a hand,

you stuck to that horse like a pro".

Dad said, "That horse ran as hard as he could,

but this cowboy he just couldn't throw.


I gave up ridin', I used to fall off,

I feel much more safe in my truck.

But my old rubber milkers are wide in the toe

and my feet, in the stirrups, got stuck."

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