Cocoa and Kaleigh


I'm twenty five this year

That's not old you say?

Well, when you're a little black pony,

By this time, you're turning gray.


I've seen a bunch, hauled lots of kids

Oh, I'd say I'd had some fun

But lately I've met a special girl

Let me tell you about this one.


She's four years old with hazel eyes

and pretty long brown hair

A bubbly laugh, a turned up nose

With freckles here and there.


She's got quite an imagination

She thinks up lots of things

And I've become a foal again

With the joy that Kaleigh brings.


Last week we were the "good guys"

While the robbers stole the loot

Kaleigh whistled, "Come on Black Star!"

Her guns in the air she'd shoot.


On the weekend I pulled the coach

To the fancy dress-up ball

And Kaleigh was the princess

Although she is quite small.


Now yesterday I had huge silver wings

Above the clouds we soared

With Kaleigh laughing all the way

We never find we're bored.


My time is almost over

And girls go onto other things

But I'm happy now, my heart smiles

From the joy that Kaleigh brings.


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