It's a Dog's Life

This is my Dexter page.  I own the world's greatest Toy Fox Terrier.

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About 8 weeks old.  11/99

Tyler and a baby Dexter.  11/99

Baby Dex with Kaleigh and I.  11/99

Baby Dex with Jim Shaw's daughter Caylin.  11/99

Dexter loves you to throw his bear so he can rough him up.

Here's Dex when he's really "pith off".  8/01
Dex outside the barn soaking up the sunshine.  9/01

What a god!  12/01

Dexter rides with me almost all the time whether it's to work in the truck or to work on the bike.
Do your dog pictures look like this?  This is Dex along for the ride to take our friend Justin to the airport.  12/04
Awwww...twins!  12/04
Thazagooboy!  7/05
A rare glimpse of the ever evasive wild Dexter of the Sierras.  7/05
Ok, so I staged a cute picture of my flipping dog.  I can't begin to tell you how unimpressed with the whole process he was.  It turned out pretty cute anyhow.  7/05

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