Archive Boy 

I started working with a medical group in August of 2001.  Immediately after I came on board, I was introduced to the Amicas team.  Our group was in the beginning stages of implementing an Amicas PACS system.  It allows our doctors to take a look at x-rays, CTs and MRIs digitally on a computer monitor.  Eventually, we had to get large images to transfer automatically to a tape library.  In attempting to configure our server to get the images to go, I found that my level of expertise with Windows 2000 and the art of remote storage was nominal at best.  I started working with Mr. Mike Hillson at Amicas.  He informed me that he'd get the files to transfer because he was Archiiiiiiiiiiiive Booooooooyyyyy!!  It didn't take Mike long to get things working as promised.  I informed him that he really was a man of super human power, a remote storage phenomenon if you will.  The next time Rig, the project manager we were working with from Amicas, was out, I presented him with a sequined cape and capital "A" for the front of Mike's shirt when he needed to change into Archive Boy.  Mom said I should have picked out some shiny blue tights for him too but....well...I'm so quiet and reserved and I'd never met Mike so I really didn't know what size to buy (ifyouknowwhatimean).  We all laughed at the thought of Rig flying home with that cape in his suitcase.  It would have been a riot had his bags have been searched!  I got a call from Mike the following week thanking me for the humiliation of receiving that thing in the midst of his co-workers.  Hey!  I do what I can!  =-)

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