District 10 4-H



This is my third year as Sheep Leader for District 10 4-H.  It was an outrageous year with 11...that's right ELEVEN members in the sheep group.  Here are some pics at the 2006 Yuba Sutter Fair.

(Click images for a larger view)

Megan Kennedy and Samb the Lamb.  Wait?  Is that how you spell that?

Morgan Cassady and Minnie.

Jerilyn "Moneybags" Cassady and Gilligan.  How much profit was that Jerilyn?!!  Would you take me to lunch?!

Wendy Valencia and her project lamb.

Tyler and Bernie.  Way to step up and Git-R-Done Ty!!

Kay Bear and Willy...a match made in heaven!!

Wait a second!  Do you suppose Willy is trying to get out of going through the sale ring?  I don't remember this 4H member!!

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